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Sansevieria 'Snake Plant'

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The most independent plant of them all. Snake plants are known for being nearly indestructible, as they are drought resistant. As long as you do not drown your Snake, you two will get along just fine.

This Snake, in particular, has dark green foliage. Typically, there are subtle stripes of light and dark green throughout. We would describe the structure of the foliage as more architectural, as each stem is a “leaf” and the stems grow relatively straight.

Snake plants will tolerate and put out new growth in low light, which makes it a go-to to fill in a darker corner in your room. However, the more light you can give this plant the happier it will be. Typically, you only need to water this plant bi-weekly to once a month depending on the size of your plant and the conditions you are living in.

🌞 Low to Bring Indirect Light.
💧 Let the soil dry between watering. Saturate fully when watering.
🌱 Well draining soil with drainage holes
🐾 Toxic to Pets

Sansevieria 'Snake Plant'
Sansevieria 'Snake Plant' Sale price$26.00