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Hoya Carnosa Compacta


One of our personal favourite Hoyas, the Compacta's abstract looking foliage is popular with new plant owners and collectors alike. These thick ropes are gorgeous in a hanging pot or on a shelf where it can eventually dramatically drape and create its own moment.

They are slow growers, which makes them great for small apartments or spaces as they will not outgrow their place for a while. Moreover, they love a lot of light and can tolerate direct sunlight, which makes them a great alternative to cacti in your direct light spots.

Fun Fact: they are also referred to as Hoya Krinkle Kurl.

🌞 Bright, indirect light with a few hours of direct light.
πŸ’§ Let dry in between watering. Saturate fully when watering.
🌱 Well draining soil with drainage holes.
🐾 Pet-Friendly.

Comes in 4" grower's pot

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