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Ficus Amstel King

Sale price$1,500.00

Meet Your Ficus Amstel King: The Jungle Lover!

Light: Our Ficus Amstel King adores soaking up light! Place them by an east, west, or south-facing window, where they can bask in gentle rays without getting a sunburn. 

Thirst Quencher: Now, when it comes to watering, let's keep it chill. Wait until the top 2 inches of soil are nice and dry before reaching for that watering can. No soggy feet for our leafy friend, please! And hey, don't be too eager; they're not the chugging type. Aim for a watering party every 7 to 12 days, and you'll keep those roots happy!

Feeding Frenzy: Just like us, our Ficus Amstel King needs a little extra boost now and then. Treat them to some Ash & Fig fertilizer once a month, and they'll grow up big and strong, ready to rule their leafy kingdom!

Fun Fact Fiesta: Did you know that Ficus Amstel King trees are part of the fig family? Yep, they're cousins to those tiny, delicious fruits you might snack on! But here's the kicker: while fig trees produce fruits, our regal Amstel King prefers to focus on flaunting its lush foliage, making it a true green monarch in every sense!

So there you have it, dear plant parent! With a sprinkle of sunlight, a dash of patience, and a dollop of fertilizer, your Ficus Amstel King will reign supreme in your home jungle!

Ficus Amstel King
Ficus Amstel King Sale price$1,500.00