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Calathea Linden “Orbifolia”

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Calathea's are a large genus of  beautiful bold tropical plant.  The foliage comes in many different decorative patterns, making them perfect for adding a pop of color in any space. Don't be alarmed if you notice your Calathea switch positions, as these guys tend to fold up at night and fan out during the day. A plant that dances, how cool! and as a bonus most varieties are pet friendly!


Calathea's prefer a medium to bright indirect light. Too much light can cause leaf discoloring so to keep the color and pattern vibrant always keep in indirect or shaded light.


During the active growing season water plants plentifully, as often as necessary to keep the potting mixture moist. However do not let them stand in water, after a thorough watering let drain and discard any access water that accumulates at the bottom. Be sure to use filtered water or water that has sat out overnight. These plants can be sensitive to chemicals found in tap water. 

In the resting season water moderately, enough to make the mixture moist, but allowing the first inch of soil to dry out between waterings. 


A temperature range between 16 and 21 Celsius is ideal. In warmer rooms high humidity is essential. Calathea's love a room with higher humidity, making a bathroom with a window the ideal spot for them. 


Calathea's should be given a generous amount of all natural liquid fertilizer every two weeks in the active growing season.  Be sure to read the fertilizers instructions before feedings.