WC Jungle

Alocasia Reticulata Zebrina “Alocasia Zebrina”


Alocasia Zebrina or Tiger is known for there funky striped stems. Large arrow shaped leaves are held up by stilted animal printed stalks. With warm conditions watch this plant become the king of your jungle. 


Give as much bright light as possible without any direct. Direct light can scorch the leaves. A bright window with sheer curtains will block direct sun and provide the brightness required. 


Allow the first 2-3 inches to dry between waterings. Zebrina's don't like to sit in wet soil but cannot tolerate drying out. High humidity greatly helps there growth.


Alocasia Zebrina enjoy a warm environment with ideal temperature ranging from 18-22°C and high humidity. Make sure if placed near a window it doesn't get to cold throughout the day and night. 

🌱 Well draining Soil

🐾 Not Pet Friendly  

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