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Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss Cheese Plant'

The Adansonii is a funky variation of the crowd-favourite Monstera. They are known for the holes within their foliage, which actually exist to allow the plant to withstand strong winds without becoming damaged.

These funky fella LOVES to climb, so mounting it on support will encourage it to produce larger leaves. Although, without a pole, it will vine similar to a philodendron which makes it a great option for a wall planter (like our WallyGrows) or hanging pot.

Fun fact: this is also referred to as the Monkey Mask Monstera.

🌞 Medium to Bring Indirect Light.
πŸ’§ Let the top 1”- 2” soil dry between watering. Saturate fully when watering.
🌱 Well draining soil with drainage holes
🐾 Toxic to Pets.

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