WC Jungle

String of Hearts

If we had to choose a plant most likely to be the star of a rom-com, this would be the plant. The String of Hearts is a WC Jungle customer favourite, and how could it not be when it looks that cute??

This semi-succulent plant has long vines with plump heart-shaped foliage. When given a good amount of bright light, some pink variegation can develop as well. Just when you think it can not get any cuter, this plant also blooms when it is SUPER happy.

We recommend to bottom water this plant by placing the nursery pot in a saucer of water for about an hour. This prevents the top of the plant from balding, as the leaves on top of the soil may become mushy and die overtime from being too wet.

🌞 Bringt, Indirect or Dappled Light.
πŸ’§ Let the top 2” of soil dry between watering. Bottom water for 1 hour.
🌱 Well draining soil with drainage holes.
🐾 Toxic to Pets.

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