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Aspidistra Elatior 'Cast Iron'


Aspidistra Elatior or Cast Iron Plant is on of the toughest indoor plants around. Withstanding poor conditions this plant was dawned its name in the Victorian age when gaslighting fumes killed most indoor plants. Cast Iron plants have large dark green tropical looking leaves, great for ill conditions in need of life. 


Aspidistra Elatior can survive poorly lit positions however will produce little growth. For maximum growth place in medium light such as a north facing window with no direct light. 


Water sparingly throughout the year. Water just enough to make soil barely moist. The top two thirds of the soil must be able to dry out completely between waterings. A common sign of overwatering in Cast Iron plants is brown marks on the surface of the leaves.   


Being such a resilient plant it can tolerate hot or cold rooms. 

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