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Ficus Audrey

Meet Audrey, a ficus who knows what she wants. Many are drawn to Audrey because of her minimalist look, as she has oval-shaped green foliage with a contrasting white veining and a very light-coloured trunk. If you enjoy the minimalist looking plants like the Olive Tree but want something with bigger leaves, this might be the plant for you.

Although she is *slightly* easier to care for then her relative the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Audrey will be less dramatic as long as she is left in one spot. She will drop leaves if she is too stressed or is moved too much. Generally, with Ficus, it is best practice to stay on a consistent watering schedule to avoid stressing the plant out.

Audrey is a Ficus, which means she needs just enough attention in order to thrive. When given the proper care, this gal will return the love and grow very tall. She is a little harder to find in North America, but trust us when we say she is worth the wait.

🌞 Bright, indirect light.
πŸ’§ Let top 1” - 2” of soil dry out between waterings. Saturate fully when watering.
🌱 Well draining soil with drainage holes.
🐾 Irritating Sap- Not Pet-Friendly.

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